Look Through Two Different Lenses

From an early age, I’ve always found photography to be an especially compelling art form. The whole process is just so cool: click a button, let the light in, stick the film in some chemicals, and voilá, you’ve got yourself a picture (well, a negative. Making prints is a bit more complicated). Photos have an amazing ability to capture the ephemeral beauty of the world. Even the most mundane of places–subway cars, street corners, empty fields–become works of art through the power of a camera lens and the artistic skill of the photographer.

Two of my favorite photographers, William Eggleston and Garry Winogrand, have very different styles of photography. They both use the camera to express their own unique aesthetic, which makes a huge difference in their photographic styles. Writers, too Take a look at the photos below (Eggleston’s is on the left, Winogrand’s is on the right):

william-eggleston              garry-winogrand

Both photos depict one person going about their daily business, but the mood and style of the two photos are very different.

Spend some time looking at each photo. Then, write a reaction to each one in which you express the mood and emotions that the photo evokes. What are the photos trying to say, and what do they mean to you?


  1. love this prompt, Michael! Keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait to use this in one of my workshops!