Strike a Match

Is there anything more mesmerizing than taking a wooden stick with some crusted stuff on the top, striking it against some kind of weird sandpaper thing, and causing FIRE TO HAPPEN? (No but like…what?)

It’s pretty tricky. I was recently introduced to the amazing writing of Nicholson Baker, whose book A Box of Matches profoundly illustrates how one can do some amazing things with ordinary tasks.

For this prompt, light your words on fire. Keeping in mind the mesmerizing effect of striking a match, somehow write that experience down. Whether this means turning the plot of a story into the slow-motion metaphor of a piece of wood igniting, writing about anything getting lit on fire, recounting the experience a fire being started, or writing a slow-mo-po (slow motion poem) on what the striking of a match looks like to you, JUST. GO FOR IT. We believe in you.