NYWC Summer Youth Workshops: Ascorbic Acid

Welcome to NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Writing Series, featuring the powerful poetry and prose from writers age 6 to 17. Every Saturday morning, young people have gathered in Fort Greene Park to participate in NYWC’s free writing workshops for youth. At the end of the summer, we hope you’ll join us  for the 9th Annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival on August 24, where you’ll get to hear these young voices of tomorrow share their work alongside other award-winning poets and writers. Enjoy!

Grab a snack and look at the ingredients list. How many ingredients do you recognize? How many look totally alien, like they came straight out of a sci-fi novel or a horror flick? If you’re anything like me, you might think to yourself, “How can I eat this stuff?” Well, our young writers last week were asked to pause their chewing and do the same thing.

Ascorbic Acid
By Gabriel Treitmeier-McCarthy, age 12

Ascorbic Acid
It has become a worldwide threat
Absorbing people’s souls
And possesses their bodies
Spreading the virus
Scientists renamed it Ascorbic Acid
And it is no longer used in food.
However, it is too late to stop it
For it is already spreading rapidly
And destroying the world.