Combine Two Words

Of all the ways one can go about playing with the English Language, conjuring up an original Portmanteau has to be one of the most satisfying. Take, for example, the word “smog”, a combination of “smoke” and “fog.” Before you know it, you’re seeing these double-words everywhere, coming up with them all the time, and all your frenemies can’t stand your fugly face anymore and leave you out of all their plans to go get your flavorite frappucinos.

Inspired by a luggage case that opens on both sides, a portmanteau consists of two words that share a sound, welding them together into one awesome superword. Here’s a pretty thorough list, for those of you looking to investigate further and/or waste some time. I love portmanteaux, especially when I’m the one coming up with them. So, without further adieu (“fadieu”) here is your *promptmanteau.*

Make a list of portmanteaux of your own, or use the list provided. Then, take the two words of the portmanteau and tell us the origin story of how these two words came together and see where it goes from there. The possibilities are endless.