Not Your Mother’s Mediation

 I enjoy mediation. I think the artist’s position is often to mend the things we feel are broken. Whether that’s between two cultures or two thoughts. We’re always trying to reach, trying to expand something. Singer/Poet K’naan

For decades, great minds have been exploring ways to use mediation techniques to heal ailing institutions, faltering companies and warring nations. New York Peace Institute, a leader and innovator in the mediation movement, brings to our dear city the latest: Draw it Out: A Graphic Recording Traininga training designed for mediators, facilitators, directors, organizers and all others who are interested in fostering peaceful communication and collaboration:

Recognizing that the majority of people are visual learners, New York Peace Institute is excited to host a 1-day graphic recording training with Visuals for Change founder, Amanda Lyons. This workshop will enable participants to learn and practice the tool of graphic recording. If your work involves facilitating meetings, translating ideas into action plans, and helping people communicate more effectively, graphic recording is a unique and creative skill that will set you apart from others in your field.

Draw It Out takes place Saturday, October 5 at the Brooklyn Mediation Center (210 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn) For registration and more information, email