NYWC Summer Youth Workshops: Effervescent

Welcome to NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Writing Series, featuring the powerful poetry and prose from writers age 6 to 17. Every Saturday morning, young people have gathered in Fort Greene Park to participate in NYWC’s free writing workshops for youth. At the end of the summer, we hope you’ll join us  for the 9th Annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival on August 24, where you’ll get to hear these young voices of tomorrow share their work alongside other award-winning poets and writers. Enjoy!

effervescent | adj. vivacious; gay; lively; sparkling. (dictionary.com)

I can think of several people I’d describe with these words. Some have come and gone from my life, quick as autumn leaves, and just as colorful. Others I’ve known for a lifetime, steadily helping me through. It strikes me as odd that I’ve rarely told these people how much I love and appreciate them.

Who comes to mind when you think of the word “effervescent”? What would you tell them, if you could?


by Kaylee Vega, age 15

When I think of the word “effervescent” I think of my friend Janelli. She was full of life and whenever she was around she would always put a smile on your face. On December 17th 2012 that sunshine who made your day set. The rays weren’t shining and no life was being lived. Sometimes you wonder how can life be lived one moment and gone the next. What if a time comes and I will feel effervescent? How will I feel? How will I feel? What will I do? Sometimes I ask myself what if there was that one moment that could have kept the effervescent alive? What could I have done? At the end of the day the mark Janelli had on our hearts will stay and the moments we shared together will always be relived.