NYWC Summer Youth Workshops: Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to NYWC’s Fort Greene Park Summer Writing Series, featuring the powerful poetry and prose from writers age 6 to 17. Every Saturday morning, young people have gathered in Fort Greene Park to participate in NYWC’s free writing workshops for youth. At the end of the summer, we hope you’ll join us  for the 9th Annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival on August 24, where you’ll get to hear these young voices of tomorrow share their work alongside other award-winning poets and writers. Enjoy!

Welcome to Choose Your Own Adventure. You’ve just won a writing contest in Central Park. As the crowds clap and cheer, the mayor of the city walks up to you and says, “Congratulations! You have the choice of two rewards: hot air balloon or elephant ride. Which will it be?”

It’s your adventure–you decide!

Elephant Ride
by Nina-Pilar Sedares, age 10

Grace Kurtz woke up to a rough hand tickling her. Grace giggled and squirmed around. She opened her eyes and gasped. It was a dream come true! Grace loved elephants so much. That is why she whooped with joy, pinched herself, then whooped with joy again when she saw an elephant trunk sticking through the window and heard the voice of her best friend saying, “Wanna take a ride Gracie? Well? Well?”

Hot Air Balloon Ride
by Cameron Burns, age 9

I was walking in Central Park. Then a person walked up to me and said, “You are my 1,000,000 person.” And I got to go on a hot air balloon and see New York. Do you know when I saw the Empire State Building I saw the top of it. I saw the Barclays Center. I also saw the Coney Island Beach. Those were the things I really love about the ride and I was glad I got to see New York from a bird’s eye view. And that was the story about when I ate Meatloaf, oh I mean when I was the 1,000,000 person in Central Park.


  1. Yeah Cameron! You go girl!