Put Some Rhythm In Your Writing

This summer I interned at Zumic, a music news and media website based in Brooklyn, and it was hands down the best job I’ve ever had. Why, you ask? Because I spent my workdays listening to music and writing about what I heard. What could be more relaxing and interesting than that? I enjoyed it so much, I have a hard time calling it work. Even on days when I didn’t feel like writing, I would listen to a great new song and suddenly become inspired, and my writer’s block would fade away completely.

Music is a powerful thing. So is writing. Putting them both together makes a very potent combination, one with limitless creative possibilities. Today’s prompt is an attempt at just such a mixture.

Think of a song or piece of music that moves you in some way. It might give you goosebumps, or make you want to jump up and dance. J Dilla’s “So Far To Go” has been stuck in my head for weeks now, what’s stuck in yours? Whatever it is, listen to your song and allow yourself to react to it–go ahead, get up and dance if you want to. Then, write about it. How do you react to the music? What does that feeling mean?