Young Migrants: Reflect On A Childhood Journey

Happy International Youth Day, everyone! The holiday, which draws attention to issues affecting young people around the globe, is now entering its thirteenth year since its creation in December 1999. This year’s theme centers around “youth migration.” Although often overlooked because of their age, there are plenty of young migrants out there: about 27 million in 2010 alone.

Migrating to another country is a life-changing experience, especially at a young age, and it’s a reality for a large number of children and young adults worldwide. However, you don’t need to cross an ocean to have a formative journey. I remember moving to a new town when I was in second grade made me feel like my whole world was changing–and in many ways it did.

For today’s prompt, think back on a “migration” you embarked on when you were younger. It can be anything from traveling to a new continent to moving down the block. What made that journey so important to you? How did it change your world view as a young person, and how has it affected you now that you’re older?