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Is there anything more stressful than moving? I moved last week, and by the end of the ordeal I was just about ready to get the tape, crawl like a spider into a cardboard box, and ship myself downtown (while eating my own hair…and also weeping). It’s cleansing, however, to pack everything up. I found […]

Compare The Incomparable

What do Shamu the Whale, math, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners have in common? Well, not much. I mean, you could make the argument that Shamu and the members of the ’80s one-hit wonder band are all mammals, which is true. I’ll even admit that they’re all performers, though I don’t know if the Runners’ live […]

Friday 5: Pumpkin Fails

While fall doesn’t officially arrive until Sunday the consumer in us all has been awakened with the early arrival of a pumpkin infused fall. Yes, it’s that time of year again folks, get ready because pumpkin flavored everything is coming to town. Whether you’re obsessed, nauseated, or a little unsure as to who decided pumpkin and […]

Share Your Secret Spot

Ever since moving here two years ago, one thing has always impressed me about New York City: it is a very big place. According to The New York Times, the most recent calculations show that the city sprawls over 304.8 square miles. With all that space spread over five boroughs, each with their own unique […]

Write Something Hipster

These days, there’s a lot of talk of hipsterism, and I’m never quite sure if it’s something positive or negative. Swirls of question marks abound. Is it a fashion term, a music term, a gentrification-related term? What I do know is that people don’t really take kindly to you calling them “a hipster“–the term seems […]

My Notorious Life: a Q & A with Kate Manning

Kate Manning’s My Notorious Life, is a “big, fat, fierce” historical novel loosely based on the trials and triumphs of a midwife and abortionist in 19th century New York. Amazon chose the book as a September “Editors’ Pick,” calling it “compelling, assured and irresistible.” Kate Manning spoke to the Narrator about her process of creation. […]

Separate but (un)Equal

Back to School!  That sweet September sight of brand new backpacks, fresh haircuts, and packed yellow buses.  Breathe it in – it’s an exciting time!  Full of possibilities, ambitions, and unbridled potential. For whites. While acknowledging that racial equality has made substantial progress in the 50 years since MLK made his ‘I Have a Dream’ […]

Celebrate Your Own Holiday

I’m sure you’re in the midst of preparations, but just in case it slipped your mind, September is the “Great American Low-Cholesterol, Low-fat Pizza Bake Month.” As a holiday, it’s right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving in terms of the importance of eating. Unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, which emphasize sharing large amounts of delicious […]

Run 26.2 Miles

With the Write-A-Thon right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about marathons. I could probably never run one–I have trouble making it up the stairs to miss the train–but there are people in this world who CHOOSE to run 26 miles and 385 yards without stopping for bathroom, food, or naps. That blows my […]

Put Your Writing In Hyperdrive

Be focused. Do your work. Don’t be fidgety. Probably since Socrates taught Plato in ancient Athens, students of all ages have learned these mantras as the keys to success in the classroom. In recent years, though, it seems a new saying has joined the time-honored group: get treatment for ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can […]