Compare The Incomparable

What do Shamu the Whale, math, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners have in common? Well, not much. I mean, you could make the argument that Shamu and the members of the ’80s one-hit wonder band are all mammals, which is true. I’ll even admit that they’re all performers, though I don’t know if the Runners’ live act tops that of a fully grown orca jumping through hoops. Throw math in there, and you’ve got a very strange mix. Yet this week contains celebrations of all three: One-Hit Wonder Day and Math Story-Telling Day are both today, while Shamu the Whale Day is tomorrow. September, it seems, has no shortage of ridiculous holidays.

Although the connections between them might be tenuous, comparing very different people, objects, and ideas can be an enlightening exercise. It often reveals previously unnoticed characteristics and even commonalities between them. It can also make for some interesting, and frequently hilarious, writing.

For today’s prompt, write a piece which involves Shamu the Whale, math, and a one-hit wonder band or artist (Dexy’s Midnight Runners being one of the best). It’s crazy, I know, but give it a try. Tell the story of what happens when you bring those three disparate elements together.