Share Your Secret Spot

Ever since moving here two years ago, one thing has always impressed me about New York City: it is a very big place. According to The New York Times, the most recent calculations show that the city sprawls over 304.8 square miles. With all that space spread over five boroughs, each with their own unique character and a seemingly limitless number of neighborhoods, New York can be more than a little daunting.

That’s definitely how the city seemed to me when I first came here. Yet I quickly learned that New York’s size is also it’s greatest asset: there’s always a new place to explore, and there are so many places to love. Since moving here, I’ve discovered an ever-growing hodgepodge of secret (and not so secret) restaurants, stores, parks, and neighborhoods that I come back to again and again. Today’s prompt is a celebration of those favorite places we cherish in the city. Like the subway and deli prompts earlier this summer, it’s another get-out-and-write exercise, so you’ll need a notebook, a pen, and a little bit of free time for this one.

Venture out to a place you enjoy in New York City–wherever that might be. Spend some time there and write down what you observe: the people it attracts, its distinguishing characteristics, and anything unusual or interesting that catches your attention. Then, when you get home, recreate your favorite place in writing, combining all of the different elements you observed while there.

Looking for a new place to add to your list of favorites? Don’t forget to stop by the NYWC Write-A-Thon at the historic General Society Library this Saturday, September 21st. You can write all day and support a great cause. Can’t make it? Show your support and make a donation!