Be a Tree

I cannot get over trees. Standing there with their immense beauty, their fingery branches, their stoicism. This time of year is an especially amazing one for trees, when the shades of green and yellow-green and green-yellow that their leaves have been boasting morph into this gorgeous array of reds and oranges, almost giving the trees the look of having been set on fire. It happens every year, but it still gets me *points at heart* right here. The process of changing is never more vivid and obvious than it is on trees in the fall.

Trees know instinctively that it’s time to begin preparing for winter, when diminished sunlight and water will mean shutting down their chlorophyll-making systems and living off of the food they’ve accumulated in the summer months. Small amounts of reds and oranges have been in these leaves all along, we just were unable to detect those shades because of the bright green chlorophyll that had been covering it up.

Imagine that each yellowing leaf falling to the ground is something that you or your character will lose in the coming winter months, but gain back in a different, greener form come springtime. Describe your or your character’s process of beautiful, autumnal, maturation. Go on, get crazy with the analogy. Then share it with someone and see if they pick up on it.