Cast a Spell

I always thought of Voodoo as some sort of pin-related revenge practice involving dolls. But while visiting New Orleans, I learned that there is so much more to this complex and ancient religion than I ever imagined. What struck me the most on my travels through the mysterious incense-filled Voodoo shops and Museums in the French Quarter of New Orleans was the accessibility of it. This ancient African religion lacks a centralized text and is mainly based on knowledge being passed around from other people, making it an incredibly personal and day-to-day religion. It has traveled from Africa to Haiti to Louisiana and into the minds and hands of so many people around the world.

Get a Holy Book involved with a religion and it’s all just so…literal. So specific, organized, and far away. But you’re telling me I can light a candle, get me some aromatic oils, dance a dance, and cast a spell? Alright, Voodoo. I’m listening. No wonder Voodoo’s mystical practices have had such staying power. Voodoo is practical and real with tons of opportunity to make it your own and feel in control. Plus, did I mention the dancing?

This prompt asks that you or your character take matters into your own hands and cast a spell. Do some Voodoo to your whiting and your characters. What if you or your character could enchant someone else in order to achieve what they want to achieve? Now light a candle, cast a writing spell on yourself, and see where this prompt takes you.