Lose the Big Game

The smell of fall, the taste of Budweiser, hanging out grilling burgers in the trunks of cars…this can only mean one thing: football is upon us. In the midst of all this fall, we’ve got the glorious reminder that some people are incredible athletes just waiting to show off their stuff. Football, football, football. There’s nothing like it. The acrobatics. The jumping. The quick turns. The penalties. The musculature. I LOVE IT ALL.

Unfortunately, however, I happen to be a Giants fan. Which means? I am not THAT in love with football…this season. For those of you who don’t know, the Giants have YET TO WIN A GAME THIS SEASON. Yes, folks, they are 0-6 and just might be 0-7 if they don’t beat the Vikings tonight. Again: I am not ok.

Write a piece in which you put yourself inside the head of a football player whose team continues to lose, despite his or her best efforts. Or, write whatever the idea of “constantly losing” makes you think of. did you hear me, big blue? You’re so bad this year that I have TURNED YOUR LOSSES INTO A WRITING PROMPT. win games! GO JINTS!