Put Your Head In The Clouds

I saw the castle build from miles away. Tall, rippling white pillars shot upward, reaching like giants’ arms far above the steaming pavement of the street. They grew higher and crowded together, spreading out into hands that seemed to hold up the sky itself. I caught one last glimpse before they disappeared behind the wide gray blanket spreading out below them. Thunder crackled through the air, and rain began to splotch and hiss on the sidewalk. I stood in the shelter of the front porch, my weather book in hand, trying to identify the different clouds that swirled over my head. I was in second grade, and I had decided to turn my fear of thunderstorms into a scientific (or as close to scientific as my kid’s weather book would get me) understanding of how they work. That summer, every time a storm rolled in, I would run out to the front porch and watch the sky darken, marveling at the towering fortresses that rumbled overhead.

Nature puts on a show for us nearly every day: the clouds in the sky are always changing and forming themselves into new shapes. Today’s prompt focuses on that natural wonder for some meteorological inspiration. Like the subway, deli, and secret spot prompts before it, this one is a get-out-and-write prompt, although you can also just look out your window (it’s not cheating, don’t worry).

Stare up at the sky and write down what physical things the clouds remind you of, or make a list of the moods and feelings that they embody for you. Then, write a story in which you include one or more of your cloud-objects or cloud-feelings in some way.