Write Your World Series

Tonight is a very special night for baseball fans: it’s the beginning of the World Series, baseball’s last hurrah before going into hibernation until spring. This year, those pesky Boston Red Sox will battle it out with the St. Louis Cardinals to see who will claim the title of the best in baseball. Personally, I’m disappointed with the whole thing. My beloved Detroit Tigers lost to the Sox last week, and I’m still recovering from the shock. It doesn’t help that one of my friends is a Boston fan, so now I get to listen to him rant and rave about how great the Sox are. Ugh. Personal allegiances aside, though, the World Series is a time-honored tradition, and the culmination of a long season of hard work for two talented teams. While most players have hung up their mitts and are looking forward to some time off, for the Sox and the Cards, the most important games of the season are just beginning.

Baseball’s October ritual is always a study in high drama: home runs, stolen bases, pitchers’ duels and grand slams all take on a heightened significance. Hit a walk-off home run during the regular season, and you’ll be on Sports Center the next morning. Hit a walk-off homer in the World Series, and you’ll be in the annals of baseball history.

For today’s prompt, write story in which you or your character are called on to perform or use a skill in a very high-stakes situation. How do you handle the pressure? What is the outcome?