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Say Thanks To Your Favorite Writers

“What are you thankful for?” asks my dad. It happens every Thanksgiving: he will throw out the time-honored question, and we’ll each try to come up with our answers, which are usually as unoriginal as the question itself. The perennial responses include references to family, friends, food, and shelter, or just gratitude for a day […]

Is There Even Turkey?

Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” has become the iconic image of the American Thanksgiving but how has that image changed since the painting was first published in 1943? In a college class I took, we had to analyze this painting and discuss how the image would be different if it was part of a government […]

I Feel Their Pain

One of our workshop participants, Allan Yashin, is having his play performed over the Thanksgiving weekend. Mr. Yashin has been working on his plays during our NYWC workshop at the 14th Street Y. He said “… [the] first time I wrote about them [the main characters] was nearly five years ago during a Writers Coalition […]

Throw The Script Out The Window

The most interesting part of a story is the end. Why? Because the final sentence of a book or the closing scene in a movie are like the last words of someone on their deathbed: every word and gesture is fraught with meaning. Whenever I read a book, I always like to linger on the […]

Put on a Tie, Would Ya?

One of the things I love about being a woman is that I’m exempt from having to wear a necktie. I don’t think I want to be strangled by a decorative piece of silk fabric. Seems unnecessary. Though I guess we ladies aren’t ones to talk, we pluck our eyebrow hairs out and then draw […]

Construct An Architectural Conversation

Walk down any street in New York, and you’re sure to pass by a mind-boggling variety of buildings–apartments and townhouses, skyscrapers and tiny corner stores. These brick-and-mortar elements of the city mirror the vibrant diversity of the people who live and work inside them. Yet, as far as buildings go, the city certainly doesn’t sacrifice […]

Run the Opposite Direction

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, so we should take this opportunity to honor the brave men and women who serve in the military. People in the armed forces amaze me. If you ask me, there is nothing more terrifying than war. The idea of having to kill someone is almost as horrific to me as the […]

Leave Your Mark (Without Getting Paint On Your Fingers)

To the disappointment of graffiti enthusiasts everywhere, it was announced in October that 5 Pointz, a longstanding graffiti art community in Queens, will be demolished and replaced with high-rise apartments. The Huffington Post calls the brightly-painted building complex “a veritable museum of New York’s graffiti culture,” and the 5 Pointz official website boasts that the […]

Imagine What They’re Doing Up There

Ed Goldsmith attended our Thursday afternoon workshop at the 14th St. YMCA for over ten years. He almost never missed a workshop, and almost always read his piece first. His regular seat at the corner of our big table was so empty last week,  his death giving way to a host of emotions from his […]