Construct An Architectural Conversation

Walk down any street in New York, and you’re sure to pass by a mind-boggling variety of buildings–apartments and townhouses, skyscrapers and tiny corner stores. These brick-and-mortar elements of the city mirror the vibrant diversity of the people who live and work inside them. Yet, as far as buildings go, the city certainly doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. The Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, Grand Central Terminal, the new One World Trade Center, and many other photo-worthy addresses all prove that New York is no slouch when it comes to famous architecture.

As a guy who spent most of his life growing up in small towns and suburbs, city buildings have always fascinated me. As a kid, I loved to look up at skyscrapers soaring into the clouds. Even now, I often catch myself walking down the street, ogling some office building or brownstone. It’s a wonder I haven’t been run over by a taxi yet.

For today’s prompt, pick two buildings you like in the city. They can be big, small, tall, squat, swanky or downright ugly–whatever catches your attention. Travel to each of those buildings (don’t forget a notebook and pen!) and spend some time writing down their features and distinguishing characteristics. Then, write a story in which you bring the two buildings to life, giving them distinct personalities based on their aesthetic features. What would the two buildings say to each other if they could speak?

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