Throw The Script Out The Window

The most interesting part of a story is the end. Why? Because the final sentence of a book or the closing scene in a movie are like the last words of someone on their deathbed: every word and gesture is fraught with meaning. Whenever I read a book, I always like to linger on the last sentence, mulling it over in my mind and trying to pick out its significance. It has to be important–the author chose to end an entire novel with those words. The same goes for movies, too, but with the added dimensions sight and sound. Whether it ties up all the loose ends, leaves you hanging from a cliff, or just sets your head spinning, a good ending can make or break a story.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of good endings out there. One I particularly like is the last scene in Midnight in Paris. It’s a classic guy-meets-girl-he-likes scenario, made even more sappy by its location on a bridge over the Seine. But it’s supposed to be sappy and nostalgic, and I love it, so I’ll let it slide. The whole movie was great, and the last scene made me stand up and applaud in my own living room when I first watched it. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen often. Check it out for yourself:

For today’s prompt, think of a story ending–in a movie, a book, or wherever–that you really enjoy or strongly dislike. After reading or watching the story again to refresh your memory, rewrite its ending, changing it however you see fit. How would you bring it to a conclusion?