Is There Even Turkey?

Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want” has become the iconic image of the American Thanksgiving but how has that image changed since the painting was first published in 1943?

In a college class I took, we had to analyze this painting and discuss how the image would be different if it was part of a government advertisement today. I suggested that there would be a more multicultural take with ads depicting an African-American Thanksgiving, a Latino Thanksgiving, etc. Other people suggested that the different generations represented might be the same but they would look very different. Would the young man next to the little girl be a goth/punk teenager skulking in the background, would the young lady next to the white-haired lady be wearing flannel, skinny jeans and buddy holly glasses, would the excited little girl be playing on a tablet?

Write your very own Thanksgiving scene. Does it look anything like the painting, is the atmosphere happy, excited? Who is present at the table? What type of food is served, is there even turkey?