Put on a Tie, Would Ya?

One of the things I love about being a woman is that I’m exempt from having to wear a necktie. I don’t think I want to be strangled by a decorative piece of silk fabric. Seems unnecessary. Though I guess we ladies aren’t ones to talk, we pluck our eyebrow hairs out and then draw them back in with a pencil.

The necktie dates back, apparently, to 210 BC in China. It became popular all over the world, and is still popular today, though many businesses have been doing away with the requirement of late. Some people, however, are still keeping the whole tie thing alive, and no one does a better job of that than novelist and NYWC executive director Aaron Zimmerman.

This man has a tie collection that would make any collector weep. I mean, just look at this photo. Who, in this world, can say that they own (and have worn!) a tie that includes a full human face? That’s my personal favorite.

Scan the ties below and write a piece about the character wearing it. Or, simply use the patterns and colors of the ties to serve as your inspiration for your writing. Or anything else this post makes you think of.