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Pack Your Bags For An Adventure

They say time flies, but over the past year with The Narrator, it seems like time strapped on a jetpack and soared. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was writing my first prompt? Although it feels like I’ve just begun, writing for The Narrator has already been a very rewarding experience for me. Before learning […]

Orcs, Hobbits and Dragons

A torrent rain of black and silver metal plummets into the massive army of humanoid-beast, a great rush of screams, cries and roars pierce the night air. Thousands and thousands of blood-thirsty Orcs flood the slopes of the foothills, warring against the dwarves of the mountain. The short bearded-combatants battle back against the monstrosities with […]

Post A Facebook Story

I just have to type in “f” on my search bar, hit enter, and it’s there to greet me every time: “What’s on your mind?” asks Facebook. Most of the time, it seems that what’s on my mind is much less important than what’s already on my newsfeed. No matter what they contain or who […]

Would the Real St. Nick Please Stand Up?

                    St. Nicholas has become quite the celebrity since being associated with Santa Claus but who he really was still remains somewhat of a mystery to most. Santa and St. Nick are actually pretty different from each other besides an association with children and a beard. […]

Give An Awful Christmas Gift

Wait, it’s December already? Christmas is coming up fast. I have exactly three weeks to buy presents for my siblings and my parents, and I have no idea what to get them. I don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. I’m always the one making last minute trips to the mall (and I mean […]

Enter a Jurassic World of Imagination

The bleach-white sun glows through the windows and into the enormous dwelling of real-life behemoths. We have entered the popular dinosaur exhibit located on Level 4 of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This enormous space is home to a world that existed 65 million years ago. For over 135 million years, dinosaurs […]