Post A Facebook Story

I just have to type in “f” on my search bar, hit enter, and it’s there to greet me every time: “What’s on your mind?” asks Facebook. Most of the time, it seems that what’s on my mind is much less important than what’s already on my newsfeed. No matter what they contain or who they’re from, I’m quickly absorbed by the endless lineup of posts and statuses Facebook has to offer. Especially while I am writing papers (or prompts), that familiar blue and white webpage is always beckoning, just a click or two away. Although my newsfeed ranges from hard-hitting news to annoying location updates from people I barely know, posting on social media is rarely random or haphazard. As this Cracked article outlines, an entire code of etiquette has grown up to govern what and what not to post. But negotiating those unspoken rules and taking a shot at social media stardom is also part of the lure of Facebook. My vice is photos, and lots of them. Let’s be honest, what’s more satisfying than watching the likes pile up on a well-timed iPhone shot from last night’s party? These days, not much.

Whether it’s photos, posts, or statuses, everyone’s on the Internet looking for attention. To some, the rise of social media spells the end of culture, and to others, sites like Facebook mark an exciting new cultural frontier. Either way, there’s no denying that social media have made a huge impact on the way we express ourselves and relate to each other.

For today’s prompt, take the last status or comment you posted on Facebook and use it as the first sentence for a short story, taking your story wherever that snippet of text inspires you to go.