Friday 5: Top 5 Books with Dogs

I got a puppy! What does this have to do with Friday Five? Well, it means all I can think about (when not thinking, Oh no no no no do not chew/devour/excavate/urinate/defecate/mutilate that/there!) is the sheer adorability of puppies. Lucky you! Here is my Top 5, then, of books with dogs: Top Five Books with […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Films for Summer

Summer is awesome, right? There’s all this sun and nearly naked people and ice cream is an acceptable form of nourishment for every single meal. Yup, summer rocks. Until you’re about a week into a heatwave and the sweat is creating its own lap pool in the small of your back and you can’t imagine […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Ways to Celebrate NYWC Day

That’s right, kids – it’s NYWC Day and it’s official because Aaron Zimmerman, Nancy Weber and Marty Markowitz say so. So there. Now, what are you going to do about it? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do about it. One of these awesome Top 5 Friday 5 things. Or none, and then simply […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Pretty Darn Horrible Mothers

Sunday’s Mother’s Day; do you know where your greeting card is? If it’s not in the plane/truck/old-timey-carriage/stranger’s-mailpouch by now, good luck. Hell hath no fury like a Mothers Day Card delivered next Wednesday. (“I delivered you on time, you know,” Mommy Dearest might say.) No matter what Mama Drama you have in your past, present […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Musicals for May Day

This has been a big week: the Tony nominations came out, as did (at least some of) the masses for Occupy Wall Street, part II. Obviously a Friday 5 mash-up’s in order! Here’s a list of my top suggestions for budget-busting Broadway productions tackling social issues from a populist bent. Book your tickets now, kids, […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Proto-Tween Reads

I was a tween before we even knew what a tween was. I am just that old. And legit. There were no emo-stained growing-pained love-maimed vampires for me, just the usual full-blooded adult fare courtesy of Anne Rice or Bram Stoker, thankyouverymuch. Still, I managed to read books that rocked my mind into bliss, tapped […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Fail-Proof Love Poems*

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don’t let bad poetry. Happen to You. Happy National Poetry Month, y’all! To celebrate, here’s a little rundown of five don’t-fail-me-now love poems to get you through Spring Fever. If these don’t rope you a snuggle buddy by the time April’s through, I give up. You’ll have to die […]

Top Five Short Story & Essay Collections

Fits and starts. That seems to be what Spring is about. Spring is like a perhaps hand  – or so says e e cummings – and we’re suddenly volleying between sunshine and storms, watching those new blossoms take a season-shift’s thrashing. So what’s a good reader to do? Winter’s the time for long novels, Dostoevsky […]

Friday 5: Top Five College Reads

I’m headed back to the ol’ alma mater tomorrow, and the trip has got me a little nostalgic. Not so much for the drinking games and cross-dressed grocery trips (Ohio winter is the mother of invention, not necessity) but for the books – books I might have never have thought to read on my own. […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Tales o’ the Irish

When Irish eyes are smiling, big whoop – but when Irish pens are moving, that’s when you know you’re in for a treat. In honor of the upcoming holiday, this Friday 5 is devoted to my favorite works by Irish writers. You’ll see some of my picks are obvious, some are quirky, and some have […]