presidential debates

The debates were a public source of commentary and gathering. Many places around the neighborhoods of New York broadcast them live. There was a hush over the crowds as candidates debated fine points of very similar policies. Those looking for more opinions watched the “other” debates which covered broader issues and showed more diversity in […]

indigenous peoples day

Recently, many people celebrated Columbus Day, a banking, post office, and school holiday to commemorate the “discovery” of the Americas. However, this has caused consternation on the part of people who were already here when Columbus arrived, mainly indigenous people or Native Americans. Within the history of colonization, there are many stories and examples of […]

guardian angels

This past Sunday at the Atlantic Antic Street Festival, people were celebrating many aspects of arts and culture. In the light of the newly open Barclays Center, many booths were set up with original artwork for sale by local artists, non-profit organizations letting people know about social services, and live bands from all genres of […]

the debt resistors’ operations manual

Recently, the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street was celebrated with the publication of a free manual.  It was written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters and allies from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street, and is for all those being crushed under the weight of debt. It aims to provide specific tactics […]

back to school

If you are not aware of the Black Agenda Report, this election year may be a good time to tune into it. Offering news, commentary and analysis from the Black left, it allows for a different perspective than those sponsored by the candidates.

west indian- american day parade

The neighborhood of Crown Heights was alive with color this past weekend.  The many islanders living here, including those from Barbados,  Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, Tobago,  Grenada, Jamaica and more all come together to celebrate their heritage festival of Carnival. Steel drum bands and women in feathers dominate the streets as the smells of traditional […]

the sun

Those writers looking for inspiration, whether political, poetic, environmental or social, would find it in the pages of The Sun magazine. Each month there is an interview with someone who is challenging societal beliefs through positive examples. A blend of poetry, essays, memoir and short fiction with a subtle theme woven throughout allow the reader […]

remembering katrina

It has been seven years since Hurricane Katrina left her mark on the American psyche, triggering change for many. I bring you here to the wonderful community radio site of wwoz, where locals are reflecting on their current state. Enjoy!

size matters

The last week I have spent my yearly trip into New Orleans learning about changes in the community post –Katrina. I focus on the 9th ward, as that is an area disproportionately hit by the storm and affected by development. Last year, at the sixth anniversary, there was a brilliant opening of the New Orleans […]

walt l. shamel garden

The community garden across the street from me is a gathering spot, and with summer, they have launched several new projects for the community. I was happy to see months of work come into fruition with the latest addition, a farmers market! The founder was inspired while working on a documentary film of farmers. When […]