Writing at Rikers

NYWC Program Director Deborah Clearman leads a workshop for women at the Rose M. Singer facility on Rikers Island. I’ve been leading creative writing workshops for women in jail on Rikers Island for nearly a year. The largest penal colony in the world, Rikers is a bleak and eerie place, so cut off from everything […]

Oscar throwback: Sacheen Littlefeather

Remember her? Sacheen Littlefeather caused a crapstorm of controversy in 1973 when she declined the Best Actor Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando at the 45th Annual Academy Awards. Brando had won for his portrayal of Vito Corleone in The Godfather – one of the most iconic performances in movie history, and to protest the […]

AWP Conference: Come see us in Chicago!

If you plan on attending the AWP Conference in Chicago next week  drop by the Astoria Room at the Hilton Chicago between 4:30 and 5:45 pm on March 1 and check out the NYWC panel that I’m moderating. It’s called “Empowering At-Risk and Under-Served Populations through Creative Writing” and will explore working with a broad […]

Red & Black Love Hangover

I seriously loved the Red & Black party this year! It was amazing to see everyone dressed in their Red & Black fineness. Aaron Zimmerman wore a tuxedo (I have pics), and the Narrator’s very own Friday 5 Editor Cait Weiss looked like a sublime Valentine confection in a red sparkledress! The food was gorgeous, […]

Red & Black Party Countdown

Are you ready for the Red & Black? Things are pretty hectic here at NYWC headquarters as we get ready for this year’s party, which is less than a week away!  It sort of looks like a Hallmark store exploded all over everything and we are knee deep in Valentine party favors and other 99 […]

Red & Black Roulette: Rule #1 – Everyone Wins

I am terrible at gambling.  Numbers make me nervous. Yet, I like roulette!  It’s colorful, and sensual. I love that carnival sound of the big wheel spinning and the feel of the felt betting surface. It’s a game of pure chance – no skill whatsoever. That’s why I am so excited to have a shot […]

Jennifer Egan: Failure, as inspiration

In the second installment on the ongoing series about creativity, CNN.com profiles Jennifer Egan, the  Pulitzer Prize winning author of “A Visit From the Goon Squad.” We love Jennifer Egan here at NYWC, not just because she is a brilliant writer (one of the best of our generation, we think), but because she is a […]

Meet Dave Hill, our Red & Black Romeo

by Shaina Feinberg You’ve probably heard all the rumors about comedian Dave Hill being a special guest at the Red & Black Party. Well, it’s not a rumor, it’s true. He will be entertaining all of us Red & Black party-goers with stories of love and romance and other tragic tales. And until you can […]

Welcome to The Narrator

Just a few weeks before his death, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his remarkable “The Other America” speech at a high school in Grosse Point, Michigan. While outright condemning the use of violence as way to achieve social change, Dr. King offered in this speech an explanation for the violent protests of that time: “A riot is […]