Friday 5: Five ways to be a Better Friend

Today’s Friday 5 comes from Jessica Cohen, our  contributor and a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she double-majors in political science and Spanish. Jessica is an avid writer, and her poetry and essays focus on examinations of the human condition, the intricacies of life, and the fulfillment of human happiness. Through her […]

Friday 5: Five Steps to Standing Up to the Stigma of Mental Illness

Recently, a shooting in the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington D.C. took the media’s center stage. Gripping the country in the whirlwind of debate about gun control, that is, until the words “mentally ill” and “hearing voices” were sprinkled on top of this story.  Mostly, mental illness is simply an extra fact that seems to […]

Friday 5: Pumpkin Fails

While fall doesn’t officially arrive until Sunday the consumer in us all has been awakened with the early arrival of a pumpkin infused fall. Yes, it’s that time of year again folks, get ready because pumpkin flavored everything is coming to town. Whether you’re obsessed, nauseated, or a little unsure as to who decided pumpkin and […]

Separate but (un)Equal

Back to School!  That sweet September sight of brand new backpacks, fresh haircuts, and packed yellow buses.  Breathe it in – it’s an exciting time!  Full of possibilities, ambitions, and unbridled potential. For whites. While acknowledging that racial equality has made substantial progress in the 50 years since MLK made his ‘I Have a Dream’ […]

Friday 5: Lessons in Panama

We all want to change the world, make our mark, achieve our goals, and of course, succeed at it, and yet, not everyone pursues such a path.  However, for some, the path to that is focusing their time and energy on manifesting social change/projects. This summer, I set out to join two friends on an […]

Friday 5: What I Learned from Fort Greene Park

It’s been a joy to wake up on Saturday mornings and take the train to Brooklyn, where I volunteer as a workshop assistant for the Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Workshops. As a young writer myself, I try to look for new ways to experience the world. Who would have thought I’d learn so much […]

Friday 5: Five Ways to Live the Life You Want to Live

Life is extremely short and it is important that we do not squander our days by living a life that does not make us happy. The whole world is at your fingertips: go, find out what makes you feel good inside and what out there allows your heart to fill with love and joy. The […]

Who’s watching the watcher, and does it matter?

Now that I have the NSA’s attention, I want to spend today’s post debating a few of the major points related to the recent privacy/government surveillance scandals that have hit Washington, Silicon Valley, and everyone who has ever sent an email, made a phone call, or googled ‘Keyboard Cat’.

Friday 5: Comic Relief + A FREE! copy of 7Upper: Writing from Riker’s Island

Need a good laugh? This Tuesday, June 4, you can get your chuckle on at Inside Jokes: A NYWC Benefit Comedy Show at Gotham Comedy Club.  All proceeds support NY Writers Coalition’s Justice Writing Program, which serves writers in New York City prisons and jails and those rebuilding their lives as they re-enter society. The show features […]

Friday 5: Five Ways to Honor Veterans

This Friday 5 is dedicated to those who have served our country. As we enter Memorial Day weekend, we should all seek ways to honor the veterans that have sacrificed so much to protect our continued freedom and liberty. Below are five easy and affordable ways to honor the veterans in this country not only this […]