Tonight, tonight!

We made it! Let’s all give each other a big round of applause for making it to the most important day of the week, Friday. So, how will you be spending your reward for making it through the week in one piece? Worry not, it just so happens NYWC is throwing its Spring Fling! Here’s […]

Friday 5 – What Your Hands Say

Hands, like their owners, come in all shapes and sizes. With their past and present written all over them, details like age, degree of hygiene, bad habits, and even fashion sense to the most important testaments of experiences like scars, and the work of a lifetime.  When you think about it, your hands do a […]

Is cupid… online?

This week has been rough.  A pretty hard week for Americans.  Just check the news, people are pretty fed up with this week.  So I thought I would give us some rest and go on a fun rant of my own, railing for and against… Internet Dating. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! As a seasoned internet dater, […]

Friday 5: Reasons to be Happy Today!

Each day is a possibility to re-discover the beauty that rests within life and within yourself. Although life is full of difficulties, it is also overflowing with deep and unbounded joy; joy which you can tap into no matter what your circumstance is. Here are five reasons why you should let that beautiful smile of yours […]

Friday 5: Why young people in the USA are increasingly indifferent to the Catholic Church

Being in the midst of Easter week, it feels like an appropriate time to address the Church’s decreasing appeal to young people in the US. Whether or not this is a bad thing I will leave to you, but the trend of youth disaffection with the Church is undeniable.  The recent election of Pope Francis, formerly […]

Friday 5: Ways to be Thrifty and Fabulous this Spring!

Today’s Friday 5 comes from Jessica Cohen, our new contributor and a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she double-majors in political science and Spanish. Jessica is an avid writer, and her poetry and essays focus on examinations of the human condition, the intricacies of life, and the fulfillment of human happiness. Through […]

Friday 5: Pints for St. Paddy’s Day

March is a green month for many reasons — spring, new life, tax season (ugh) — but this weekend it is green for Ireland.  Many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the United States with little reason other than its an excellent excuse to drink.  A lot.  Early.  (Cinco de Mayo seems to be a similar […]

A Friday 5 to Make You Move!

Today’s Friday 5 comes from our newest contributor, Priya Arya. Currently a double major studying Neuroscience and Spanish, Priya enjoys exploring the barriers between people and their environments and how the two are connected. With a passion for dance and physical activity, she also enjoys writing poetry, which she began dabbling in at a young […]

Friday 5: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

There is a holiday to celebrate everything these days. From pancakes to Leif Erikson, no person, place, or thing goes unrecognized in today’s world.  And while pancakes are a welcomed part of mornings and life in general, there are some things that we really should be celebrating. Thankfully, in 1998 the National Education Association (NEA) […]

Friday 5: Athletes and Racial Equality in the 20th Century

As we come to the end of Black History Month (sadly, the shortest month of the year), it is important to look back at some of the most notable figures that sought to end racial inequality for African Americans. Specifically, there are a number of black athletes that, through their unparalleled physical prowess and skill […]