I Feel Their Pain

One of our workshop participants, Allan Yashin, is having his play performed over the Thanksgiving weekend. Mr. Yashin has been working on his plays during our NYWC workshop at the 14th Street Y. He said “… [the] first time I wrote about them [the main characters] was nearly five years ago during a Writers Coalition […]

Put Your Writing In Hyperdrive

Be focused. Do your work. Don’t be fidgety. Probably since Socrates taught Plato in ancient Athens, students of all ages have learned these mantras as the keys to success in the classroom. In recent years, though, it seems a new saying has joined the time-honored group: get treatment for ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can […]

Dangers of Traveling While Female

Today’s post comes from Tara Isabella Burton. Her essays, reviews, and travel writing can be found at the Los Angeles Review of Books, The New Statesman, Salon, Guernica, The Rumpus, Conde Nast Traveller, and many other places. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Arc, Shimmer, The Dr TJ Eckleburg Review, and more. She is the winner of The Spectator‘s 2012 Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize for travel writing and the author of the novel A […]

Trek local. Trek light.

Several years ago, my family and I traveled to the United Republic of Tanzania, that magnificent country in east Africa. The trip was proposed by my cousin and her husband while they were training nurses in Uganda. They planned to hike Mount Kilimanjaro and safari the Serengeti before traveling back to the States and invited […]

The California Prisoners’ Hunger Strike, Day 40

“We are not in search of death; we are looking for real life”  – Tiananmen Square Hunger Strike Declaration, 1989 In an eight by ten foot cell in California, Todd Ashker is starving. He hasn’t eaten in nearly six weeks, and his body has begun to lose muscle mass. Exhaustion has set in, and his organ […]

Young Migrants: Reflect On A Childhood Journey

Happy International Youth Day, everyone! The holiday, which draws attention to issues affecting young people around the globe, is now entering its thirteenth year since its creation in December 1999. This year’s theme centers around “youth migration.” Although often overlooked because of their age, there are plenty of young migrants out there: about 27 million […]

Not Your Mother’s Mediation

 I enjoy mediation. I think the artist’s position is often to mend the things we feel are broken. Whether that’s between two cultures or two thoughts. We’re always trying to reach, trying to expand something. —Singer/Poet K’naan For decades, great minds have been exploring ways to use mediation techniques to heal ailing institutions, faltering companies and […]

Transit Forward: Public transportation is a civil right.

Today’s post comes from NYWC volunteer Michele Gilliam, a community organizer, blogger and playwright who currently works at the Transport Workers Union Local 100 in the Political Action Department. Michele also is a co-founder of the Act Now Vote Campaign, a coalition of activists and artists from Southeast Queens that strives to civically engage minority […]

Education Is Our Right. Or Is It?

Adult literacy is a critical issue in our city, and in our nation. New York City is comprised of immigrants from all over the world. Immigrants are the heart of our city. English may be the primary language, but with more people from other countries, languages such as Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) are […]

Design your Mind

Conscious Consumerism. Ethical Consumption. Fair Trade. All are powerful ideas. They are goals toward which many of us strive. We intend to make responsible consumer decisions, but we struggle to decipher irresponsible corporations from those we can trust. We work to reduce our carbon footprint but the jungle of global capitalism is difficult to navigate. We […]