Celebrating New York Cares Day

New York Cares  is a volunteer-based organization that collaborates with non-profit organizations, city agencies, and public schools to meet the needs of under-served communities. Founded in the 1980s by a group of friends who wanted to make a difference, New York Cares seeks to help communities facing critical issues throughout New York City. The organization […]

7Upper: Writing from Rikers Island, EMTC, Through the Fortune Society

 Even the Stars Look Lonesome -Maya Angelou When Patrick Mathieu conceived of 7Upper: Writing from Rikers Island, EMTC Through the Fortune Society, he imagined a collection that would share with readers some of the magic that he has experienced over the years. Many moons ago, due to a misidentification, Mathieu found himself locked up on […]


Tens of thousands of immigrants moved into Capitol Hill last week. With labor and civil rights organizations standing beside them, they called for humane reform of immigration laws and a path for citizenship for 11 million residents who are undocumented. New York activist Katherine Tabares urged the crowd: I want you to look around to […]

Want Equal Pay For Women? Raise the Minimum Wage

Today’s post comes from Julie Vogtman.  Julie is Senior Counsel for the Family Economic Security Program at the National Women’s Law Center. She works on a range of issues involving economic support for low-income women and their families, including minimum wage policies, unemployment benefits, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Follow the National Women’s […]

What’s in a Word? A Lot, When That Word is “Illegal”

On Tuesday, the Associated Press finally struck the dehumanizing and legally inaccurate term “illegal immigrant” from their stylebook. The updated guidelines explain that the term illegal can be used by journalists to describe an action, but no longer to describe a person. This shift is momentous, and congratulations are in order—but hardly to the AP, […]

“The Hotbed of Imminent Danger”: Sri Lankan Writer Sonali Samarasinghe

After the death of her husband, writer Sonali Samarasinghe has worked to change the climate of free speech in Sri Lanka from miles away. Sampsonia Way writer Rachel Webber brings her story to The Narrator. Sri Lankan journalist Sonali Samarasinghe has been hooked on investigative reporting ever since she experienced the frustration of working as a human […]

Equality Exhaustion

Social media exploded this week with a brilliant display of support for marriage equality. Red and pink equal signs abound. But some express frustration toward this movement. They worry that the gesture’s simplicity undermines the serious work being done to dismantle an exclusionary institution. They want our virtual support for human rights to translate into […]

The Action Center of Far Rockaway Forced to Slow Down Distribution Efforts

Superstorm Sandy had a huge impact on New York City, especially parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and lower Manhattan. Far Rockaway, Queens has suffered greatly, with the majority of its boardwalk destroyed, homes and businesses burnt to the ground, and residents left homeless. Since the storm hit in November, I’ve been a volunteer in […]

Whole Foods and Living Wage

The Huffington Post has reported that Costco‘s profits jumped over $100 million dollars less than a week after its CEO Craig Jelinek pronounced publicly that he supported proposals to increase the minimum wage. This result brings into question most of what we have been taught about the ways in which bottom lines and worker salaries coexist. […]

A Friday 5 to Make You Move!

Today’s Friday 5 comes from our newest contributor, Priya Arya. Currently a double major studying Neuroscience and Spanish, Priya enjoys exploring the barriers between people and their environments and how the two are connected. With a passion for dance and physical activity, she also enjoys writing poetry, which she began dabbling in at a young […]